Fractals aren't just something you learn about in math class. They are also a gorgeous part of the natural world. Here are some of the most stunning examples of these repeating patterns that look the same no matter how far you zoom in or out.

Romanesco Broccoli or Roman Cauliflower

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Bacteria fractals in a Petri dish

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Fractals don't have to be weird — they can be quite ordinary.

(via Anders Sandberg/Flickr and Atsaluego/Deviantart)

Human Eye

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Opening Fern

(via Dave Wilson/Flickr, Paul/zrim/Flickr and Stuart/Wex Gallery)

Gastropod shells

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Monkey Tree Flower

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Nautilus shell

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Fractals of the Doñana National Park, Andalusia, Spain

(via Real Jardin Botanico, photos by Hector Garrido)

Lake Nasser, Egypt

The picture was taken on January 23, 2005 with a Kodak 760C camera and a 400mm lens on the International Space Station.

(Photo by International Space Station Crew/NASA)

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Novaya Zemlya, Russia

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The Tibetan Plateau and a portion of the Himalayan Mountain chain