Photographs of cosplayers at home capture both the person and the mask

Klaus Pichler's photo series Just the Two of Us explores the dual identity of the costume and the person who wears it by taking the subjects out of the conventions and carnivals where we typically encounter them and showing them in their homes.

Pichler photographs not just cosplayers who dress up as characters from genre fiction, but also other costume enthusiasts: furries, medieval reenactors, people who participate in Krampus and Carnival traditions. The photographs are fascinating, not just for their frequent juxtapositions of the fantastical and the mundane, but also because they invite us to speculate on the lives of these masked men and women—including what prompts them to chose their particular mask.


You can see a few of the photos below, but the larger 34-image series is up on Pichler's website.

Just the Two of Us [Klaus Pichler via Curious History]


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