It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the most obnoxious. Trying to figure out gifts for nerds is hard, because they usually buy themselves whatever toys or movies or books they want. What to do? Here’s what—you read this gift guide, which compiles more practical gifts that the geekily-inclined in your life will still love.


Age of Ultron by Matt Needle Character Posters

Man, there were so many characters in that movie. These stylish posters give each of the heroes (and Ultron) a chance to shine on your walls. You can order them at Hero Complex Gallery for $35 each.

DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Art Print

Harley Quinn was made for the retro pin-up style of DC’s Bombshells line. This is our favorite of the collection. It’s $14.95 at Qmx.

“Robot” by Darren Rawlings Print

This lovely image from artist Darren Rawlings depicts “a Robot’s inner struggle with nature” according to the official description. Any io9 reader should be happy to give it some wall space. It’s $20 at Think More.

“Not Sure If Art” by Aled Lewis Print

Futurama’s Fry might be confused, but we’re not. This print may come very close to Treachery of Images territory, but it’s still definitely art. It’s also available for $90 at Gallery 1988.

Imperator Furiosa by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz Art Print

Who wouldn’t want to pay tribute to one of the best movies of the year with this amazing art of its most badass character? There are three sizes available at Inprnt: the 8x12 is $15, the 12x18 is $20, and the 15x24 is $40.

Various Star Wars Canvas Prints

These Star Wars art pieces a bit pricier than a poster, but 1) they’re on canvas, and 2) they are awesome. Seriously, the AT-AT/AT-ST one is pure perfection. They are $79.99 each at ThinkGeek; there’s also a fourth, Dagobah-centric piece available.

The Boxtrolls by Tom Whalen Poster

Whalen’s art captures the sweetness of Boxtrolls with a wonderful economy of color. Each screen-printed poster is 18x24, and comes numbered and signed by the artist himself! It’s $45 at Mondo.

He-Man “HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA” by 100% Soft Print

The artist known as 100% Soft has drawn the most adorable Masters of the Universe ever, based on the most insane Masters of the Universe YouTube video ever. It’s only $30 per print, but there are only 30 of them available at Gallery 1988, so don’t dawdle.

Firefly I Want to Believe Poster

I’m betting the overlap between X-Files fans and Firefly fans is pretty large; this would be perfect for either. It’s $19.95 at Qmx.

Various Art Prints by Josh Ln

Whether you want to celebrate specific movies, TV series, the ‘80s, or video games, Josh Ln’s artwork are all great and all economically priced! The 8x10 prints are $15 and the 12x15 are $20 at Inprnt. There are several other “topics” available, so make sure to check them out!

The Fly by Jonny Dombrowski Poster

Seth Brundle makes a connection in this amazing 24x26-inch print. If only the original The Fly poster had been this good! It’s $40 at Mondo.

Space Jam by Marco D’Alfanso Print

Not to give anything away (it’s okay, my family doesn’t read my work) but I’m seriously considering this for my brother, since we drove our parents crazy with Space Jam when we were younger. If someone in your life did the same, may I recommend this 14x22-inch print? It’s available for $40 at iam8bit.

“Jacked 66 Batmobile” by Barry Blankenship Print

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb. Some days you discover one of Gotham City’s countless villains has stolen your wheels and left the Batmobile on blocks. This 20x16-inch print is $45 at Gallery 1988.


“The Science Guy” by Kate O’Hara Art Print

Here are a few things for the purely scientific minds out there, beginning with this tribute to our favorite science guy. Bill here comes in two sizes over at Inprnt; the 8x9 is $15, and the 12x15 is $20.

Retro Science Art by John W. Golden Print Set

This best part about this set of five prints, celebrating these five sciences? It’s that Golden lists them very specifically for being For Boys’ Rooms and Girls’ Rooms. The set costs $86 and gets you the five 8x10 prints above; they’re available at his Etsy store.

International Space Rockets Poster

That’s quite a lot of rockets.

The World of Programming Poster

The heroes and heroes of the computers are chronicled in this poster by acoreyj. The unique 14.67x18.67-inch print will only run you $12.50 on Zazzle.

“Behold! The Dinosaurs!” by Dustin Harbin Art Print

Behold! It’s an awesome poster. Inprint has a variety of sizes and prices: 8x10 for $20; 12x15 for $25; 19x24 for $40; and 24x31 for $80.

Bacterium 2 Print

This poster is actually created from a chromolithograph of the 1800s. Be the first kid on your block to have blown-up images of centuries-old bacteria on your walls! The poster comes in a wide variety of sizes and prices, beginning at 8.25x6 for $7.50, at AntiqueWallPrints’ etsy store.

Home Decor

Zenguin Mugs and Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Face Mug

Your loved ones already have all the art they need? Then it’s time to think about getting them something extra for their home. We begin with these adorable Zenguin mugs by Patricia Carlin; this set of four runs $48 at Uncommon Goods. If peaceful penguins aren’t needed, consider an angry marshmallow instead with this mug of the noggin of Ray Stantz’s unique choice of destroyer from Ghostbusters. It’s $14.99 at ThinkGeek.

Firefly Pint Glasses and Viking Drinking Horn

The cancelation of Firefly is still driving some people to drink, and those people should clearly be drinking out of one of these two Firefly pint glasses from Qmx (the set of two is $14.95). A cheerier option would be to take a swig of mead from this awesome drinking horn by the WhereTheGodsLive Etsy store. This small version costs $25, but there are many more styles and sizes available.

AllTru2U Geeky Tea Light Boxes

These things are just amazing. Each two-inch box can be customized with faces representing your favorite characters, shows, comic, cartoons, and more! The boxes are only $9 and each individual (and awesomely geeky) face is $4. See the many, many, many other designs available at their AllTru2U website!

Game of Thrones Sigil Blanket and House Pillow

Winter is coming, and you’re going to need to stay warm. Out advice? Cuddle up in bed under this awesome blanket covered in the sigils of the major houses of Westeros as seen in the HBO show. And since you’re in bed anyways, why no rest your head on a matching sigil pillow? Your choice of House, of course! Both products are available at the HBO store; the
sigil blanket is $64.99 and each throw pillow is $29.99.

Doctor Who TARDIS Towel and Shower Curtain

The Doctor is in... your bathroom? Help him (or any Who fan) feel at home with these bath decor products based on the Time-Lord’s beloved method of travel. Each TARDIS towel set is $49.98 while the shower curtain is $29.98; both are available at at the BBC Doctor Who Shop.

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cups and Star Trek Enterprise Sushi Set

Okay, we can envision an astromech droid helping someone cook, so we can wrap our heads around this R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set ($19.99), which include four cups ranging from 1/4 to 1, as well as four measuring spoons. But the U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set ($34.99)—where the saucer flips to be used as a soy sauce dish—is just absurd. Awesome, but absurd. Both come from the good folks of ThinkGeek.

Additional suggestions by Mika McKinnon.

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