Inception's dream heist crew comes together

Meet Inception's team: The Extractor, The Point Man, The Architect, The Forger, The Shade... and even discover their Mark. If you liked being completely in the dark about Chris Nolan's mysterious feature, be warned: There are quite a few spoilers.

First trailer via MSN. Wow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bad ass sex bomb in that. What a fantastic cast, can't wait to see this plan come together. Also, this totally changes who we originally thought Ken Watanabe is. Next up, here are new behind-the-scenes stills and images, a new featurette, and two brand new TV Spots.



TV Spot

TV Spot

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Sorry, but my dreams more closely resemble the bastard child of Michael Bay and Hayao Miyazaki. This seems far to coherent. Not enough toasters befriending walking skyscrapers trying to convince the sun not to turn inside out.

Spoiler, the sun actually did turn inside out.