In Wonder Woman 1984's Blooper Reel, Diana's Greatest Enemy Is Wind

Paper: An Amazon’s true weakness!
Gif: Warner Bros.

She’s a demigod who’s taken on almighty powers and the evils of war, and faced threats superhuman and from worlds beyond. But it turns out the simplest way to put a stop to Wonder Woman is let a stack of paper loose in a strong breeze.


With Wonder Woman 1984 available to own digitally today, Warner Bros. has released the film’s full blooper reel online, which, I should tell you now, has some premium butt content courtesy of both Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal. But it mostly features Gal Gadot bursting into laughter, whether it’s effects gone wrong, lasso twirling, or her colleagues on set lovingly trolling her at any available opportunity.

It’s all incredibly sweet and in good fun and all. But perhaps the funniest moment comes not from the star having to watch Pine goof his way through an aerospace museum behind her, but Gadot on her own: wired during the climactic scrap of the movie with Pascal’s Max Lord, struggling to get through the paper-strewn practical wind effects without having a bunch of it comically slap against her face.

Wonder Woman 1984 is available digitally now.

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Brigadier PF Diamond McYemen

I’m sorry to say after how good the first one was, I think this is probably the worst film I’ve ever seen