It’s a quiet week for new comics, but that doesn’t stop the King of all Kaiju from stomping onto the scene—and into Hell itself! But that’s not all: Scott Lang and Hank Pym team up in an Ant-Man special, Valiant begins their new Summer event, and the comic book adventures of Steven Universe get collected!

Dark Horse

Single Issues

  • Death’s Head #1 - A family finds themselves hunted by a plague-mask-wearing killer while on a camping trip. Written By: Zack Keller, Nick Keller Artist: Joanna Estep

Trade Paperbacks

  • Predator Fire and Stone - A human crew investigating the missing Prometheus find themselves thrown into lethal conflict when a Predator stows away on their ship. Written By: Joshua Williamson Artists: Chris Mooneyham, John Lucas

DC Comics

Trade Paperbacks

  • Batman: The New Adventures - Without a ward, Batman ventures out onto the streets of Gotham to fight crime on his own—but when he meets Jason Todd, he sees the chance to train a new Robin. Written By: Max Allan Collins, Jim Starlin Artists: Jim Starlin & Various
  • New Suicide Squad: Volume One - The suicide squad is called to a deadly new mission in Russia. Written By: Sean Ryan Artists: Jeremy P. Roberts & Various


Single Issues

  • Godzilla in Hell #1 - The King of Kaiju finds himself thrust into the underworld to fight an impossible threat. Written By: James Stokoe Artist: James Stokoe


Single Issues

  • Island #1 - A new anthology series from Brandon Graham and Emma Rios . Written By: Brandon Graham & Various Artists: Brandon Graham & Various

Trade Paperbacks

  • Red One: Welcome to America - What happens when one of America’s greatest superheroes is actually a Russian Spy? Find out in this Cold War espionage series.. Written By: Xavier Dorison Artists: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson


Single Issues

  • Ant-Man Annual #1 - Just in time for the movie, Ant-Men Scott Lang and Hank Pym team up to battle an old enemy. Written By: Nick Spencer Artists: Ramon Rosanas, Brent Schoonover
  • Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1 - When Boss Cage annexes the peaceful Yinsen City on Battleworld, a team of heroes rises up to defend it. Written By: Al Ewing Artist: Alan Davis
  • Guardians of Knowhere #1 - The creation of Battleworld may have destroyed the Galaxy, but in the Celestial Head/Space Station of Knowhere floating up above, it still has Guardians. Written By: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Mike Deodato
  • Hail Hydra #1 - In a region of Battleworld where Hydra rules the world, the son of Captain America stands alone against them. Written By: Rick Remender Artist: Roland Boschi
  • Siege #1 - Dissidents of Doom find themselves conscripted to work at the Shield: a huge wall defending the rest of Battleworld from a neverending horde of zombies, Ultron drones and annihilation waves. If the Shield falls, what’s left of the Marvel Universe will be doomed! Written By: Kieron Gillen Artist: Filipe Andrade


Single Issues

  • Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake - Card Wars #1 (Boom!) - Fionna is tired of being beaten at Card Wars by Cake, so they go on an adventure to find a rival worthy of Cake’s skills. Written By: Jen Wang Artist: Britt Wilson
  • Aliens vs Zombies #1 (Zenescope) - A metor carrying the Zombie Plague hits earth, leading to untold destruction and a horde of undead. The only people that can ssave humanity are a crack team of Alien scientist who were tracking the meteor. Written By: Ralph Tedesco Artist: Joe Brusha
  • Book of Death #1 (Valiant) - The last in the line of Geomancers holds a powerful book—one that tells the future of every hero and villain in the Valiant universe! Written By: Robert Venditti Artists: Robert Gill, Doug Braithwaite
  • Mercury Heat #1 (Avatar Press) - In a future where jobs are issued baced on genetic markers and personality tests, a young women hopeful of being a Police Officer finds herself as a rogue agent enforcing vigilante law on Mercury. Written By:Kieron Gillen Artist: Omar Francia
  • Mystery P.I #1 (Graphic India) - In a secret supernatural world hidden beneath our own, Darius Mistry and his Golem partner are supernatural P.I.’s for hire. Written By: Ashwin Pande Artist: Arjuna Susini
  • Transference #1 (Black Mask) - An elite group of counter-terrorism agents uses secret time-travel technology to complete their missions—but when one of them finds their own past under threat, they discover that Time Travel isn’t as secret as they thought it was.Written by: Michael Moreci Artist: Ron Salas

Graphic Novels And Collections

Graphic Novels

  • An Entity Observes All Things (Box Planet) - A series of short science fiction stories covering Lizard aliens, social media cults, and more. Written By: Box Brown Artist: Box Brown


  • Divinity (Valiant) - A soviet cosmonaut sent into the far reaches of space during the Cold War returns years later, long thought dead—but now with powers far beyond anything anyone could understand. Written By: Matt Kindt Artist: Trevor Hairsine
  • Steven Universe Volume One (Valiant) - Steven Universe is a little boy like no other—he’s a member of the Crystal Gems alongside Garnet, Amethyst and, Pearl, a team of alien warriors who protect the Earth (and Steven’s home of Beach City) from magical threats! Written By: Jeremy Sorese Artist: Coleman Engle

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