In this week's comics, Charles Burns returns, and Preacher author Garth Ennis writes a children's book

What first issues are hitting stores on Wednesday? First off, Marvel's releasing their Marvel Now Point One special, which gives the lay of the land for their upcoming fall slate of comics. From Dark Horse, there's a litany of first issues, namely Billy The Kid's Old Timey Oddities And The Orm Of Loch Ness, the vampire book Ex Sanguine, the John Ostrander-penned Star Wars: Agent Of The Empire - Hard Targets, and the miniseries BPRD: 1948 (pictured above):

The Nazi occult bureau threatened to destroy the peace that followed the end of World War II. One year after the war, Professor Bruttenholm, guardian of the child Hellboy, enlisted a special task force to connect the dots between a series of massacres and a mad vampire nobleman. Now the B.P.R.D. launches an investigation of an atomic-fueled space-travel experiment that's apparently unleashed horrific monsters in the Utah desert.


There are also new issues of Daredevil, Orchid, Batwoman, Chew, The Walking Dead, Saucer Country, Godzilla: Half-Century War, Before Watchmen: Minutemen, American Vampire: Lord Of Nightmares, and a reprint of Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing's 2000 AD tale Zaucer of Zilk:

This special 2-issue adventure features an inter-dimensional magician who travels across the realms to save his number-one fan from the dank clutches of arch-nemesis Errol Raine.


As for books, there's the sixth volume of The Unwritten, the 2000 AD collection Tharg's Creepy Chronicles, and Erf, an all-ages graphic novel by none other than Preacher writer Garth Ennis:

ERF is the story of four friends at the dawn of time; Figwillop, KWAAAH!, the Booper, and Erf himself, and their adventures in the primordial world of long ago. The four take their first nervous steps out of the ocean and onto the shore, and are soon exploring the exciting new lands beyond.


Finally, Black Hole's Charles Burns releases his follow-up to his weirdo Tintin tribute X'ed Out, The Hive:

Much has happened since we last saw Doug, the Tintin-like hero from X'ed Out. Confessing his past to an unidentified woman, Doug struggles to recall the mysterious incident that left his life shattered, an incident that may have involved his disturbed and now-absent girlfriend, Sarah, and her menacing ex-boyfriend. Doug warily seeks answers in a nightmarish alternate world that is a distorted mirror of our own, where he is a lowly employee that carts supplies around the Hive.


And as usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!

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