In this week's best new comics, NASA builds a Spaceman and Wolverine is Principal Belding

Two stupidly good comics are out tomorrow! One is about the hulking, living detritus of a clandestine NASA operation, the other is about Wolverine starring in a mutant-centric version of Yo Teach! Flights of fancy, ahoy!

First Issues

We recently had the opportunity to check two new exceedingly impressive first issues which hit stores tomorrow. The first of these is Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's dystopian series Spaceman. A measly 100 pennies will get you a crackerjack "science hell" story by the guys behind 100 Bullets.


Spaceman stars Orson, a genetically modified human secretly bred by NASA to go to Mars. Unfortunately for Orson, the program is scrapped when the public finds out, and our bulky protagonist is left salvaging scrap in a ruined world. Bleak, creepy, and absurdly worth your $1.

The other new release we really dug was Jason Aaron's Wolverine and the X-Men. This issue sees Wolverine founding a new mutant academy, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Thanks to Chris Bachalo's crazed pencils and Aaron's even zanier cast, this is honestly one of the most fun X-Men comics I've read in years.

Aaron draws from the some of the most gonzo corners of X-mythology — think X-Statix, Grant Morrison's New X-Men, and cosmic Marvel by way of Chris Claremont. Also, it's hilarious to see Wolverine as the harried, hairy headmaster and Kitty Pryde as his second-in-command.


Two other titles that are worth a look-see are Aaron's new run on The Incredible Hulk and Garth Ennis' Stitched, a supernatural horror series that takes place in modern Afghanistan. Here's our review of the short movie Ennis and company made to promote the comic.


Grab Bag

Some new offerings that may whet your taste for glossy paper include Flash, DMZ, Jonathan Hickman's Red Wing, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, FF, Justice League Dark (pictured), All-Star Western, I, Vampire (here's our interview with author Joshua Hale Fialkov ), The Savage Hawkman (preview of that here), and Dan Slott's conclusion to The Amazing Spider-Man arc "Spider Island." And for Warren Ellis fans, there's his next issue of Secret Avengers and Captain Swing.


Graphic Novels

The entire DC alternate reality miniseries Flashpoint is collected as a graphic novel, and Volume 18 of the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files is out too. As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!


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