Image: IFC
Image: IFC

When we last saw Stan (John C. McGinley), the demon-fighting ex-sheriff of Willard’s Mill, he’d just survived the craziest events of Stan Against Evil’s first season. Unfortunately, he was left unable to remember some very key stuff—which begins to haunt him in this clip from the season two premiere.


Who’s that banged-up lady in the coffin? Stan might not recall, but fans of the show will know: it’s current Willard’s Mill sheriff Evie Barret (Janet Varney), who was just about to be burned at the stake 400 years in the past in Stan Against Evil’s season one cliffhanger. Obviously, season two of IFC’s horror comedy can’t really begin until Evie is rescued—but before Stan can figure out how to travel through time to do that, he’s going to have to remember who in the hell she is. Boop!

We’ll more about Stan Against Evil’s second season—which features some pretty fantastic monsters, including a demon baby that’s totally ridiculous but also might give you night terrors—before it returns to IFC on November 1.

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