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In This Short Film, Pamela Anderson Discovers Just How Creepy The Singularity Can Be

Fans of posthumanity and transhumanism make promises that sound scarily cheerful and unreal—eternal life, incredible mind powers—but you probably haven’t seen just how disturbing they can be. Until you watch this new short film, starring Pamela Anderson.


Connected is produced by Cadence Films and presented by Motherboard, and it debuted in L.A. on Friday before going up online today. In Connected by Luke Gilford, Anderson plays Jackie, an “AuraCycle” instructor who’s in the middle of a midlife crisis—she gets a lot of inspiration from listening to some slightly skin-crawling tapes of Jane Fonda talking about how you can live forever and throw away the past. This all leads to Jackie making a defining decision, in the middle of what looks like a cult compound. You’ve probably never thought of brain implants and yoga together before, but after this, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

Watch the whole thing above!

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They couldn’t have chosen a better actress to star in this. Aging sexpot, looking for a rebirth.