In This Sci-Fi Short Film, a Man Uncovers a Powerful Secret Inside a Bank Vault

Malcolm’s about to enter a whole new world.
Malcolm’s about to enter a whole new world.
Image: Dust (YouTube)

As we saw in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, strange things can be hidden inside bank vaults. Sometimes, they have the ability to change the world. Dust has released a short film where a man is given a key to a mystery that threatens everything he ever knew.


Box 616 is the latest sci-fi short film from Mitch Glass (who also directed the stellar short Again™), shot for two days inside a bank vault with a budget of about $800. It’s about a man named Malcolm Crowe, who’s informed by the local bank that a trust, well, entrusted to him by his grandfather is now available. The safety deposit box, empty except for a single key and an old matchbook, had instructions to be opened on a specific day, which has now come to pass.

Once inside, Malcolm discovers classified government documents for something called Project Eon, along with a series of strange requests that his grandfather has left for him to fulfill. I won’t spoil what those requests are or how Malcolm responds to them, but it’s an interesting and suspenseful short film that ended with questions I’m still eager to have answered.

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I would love to see a full movie of this. It kept my attention the whole time. The nine minutes went by fast.