In This Preview Clip, Supergirl's Post-Crisis Status Quo Is a Little Awkward

Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor.
Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor.
Image: CW

Supergirl has saved not just her world but reality itself. Surely returning to normalcy will be a relaxing, safe experience. Surely.


Except things are different, now. Post-Crisis, reality has shifted in ways that are not always comforting for our intrepid hero. Like, for instance: Lex is back. And everyone thinks he’s a good guy? Oh, no.

In this new sneak peek for the upcoming example of Supergirl, we get one of our first glimpses at a post-Crisis status quo for the Arrowverse. It’s a look that suggests some tricky territory for Kara going forward. She’s faced with the choice of working with Lex Luthor or possibly coming off like a maniac to the people of her new reality who don’t know any different. It’s a rough day for Lena Luthor, too, who now has to decide whether to work with her definitely-still-villainous brother.

Supergirl’s next episode, ushering in a whole new reality, airs Sunday nights on the CW.

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I can’t wait. Jon Cryer is, like, the best live-action Lex so far. And if he’s actually able to pretend to reform and stick around, that would be great.

Because Leviathan is, uh, not a very interesting bad guy. And now Lena has another pressing issue.