In This New Star Wars: Rebels Clip, the Force May Be Binding Them All Together

Image: Disney XD

In this exclusive clip from the seventh episode of Star Wars: Rebels season four, titled “Kindred,” Kanan and Hera have a very loaded conversation—one that seems to be setting up what’s to come for our band of freedom fighters. As the Jedi put it in last week’s episode (“Flight of the Defender”): “All paths are coming together now.”

Check it out:

Kanan’s right; for good, for bad, they do keep coming back to Lothal. And though there are certainly logical reasons for returning each time, it seems like the Force (or at least Dave Filoni) has been driving these characters to the planet to do something special. But what? We’d like to hear your theories in the comments.


This episode will premiere Monday, November 6, on Disney XD.

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