Once upon a time, long before holing up in a cave with a bunch of porgs, Luke Skywalker had simple dreams. He just wanted to go into Tosche Station, possibly meet up with a few friends, and pick up some power converters. What were they even for, one wonders?

In a musical parody conceived by The Gregory Brothers, Luke never stops thinking about his hopes for Tosche Station. In a songified rendition of the complete original trilogy (and a bit of the new one), it’s all he can think about. It’s not fair, is it, Luke? The galaxy isn’t fair, and power converters are the least thing on its mind.


This video goes on for a long time, which has its own odd comedic effect, turning the affair into a sort of Kafkaesque, repeating loop of Luke Skywalker complaining at every opportunity and never quite growing up. While that’s not the image I want to have when I think of the hero, it’s certainly a silly one, and this makes for a solid listen even if you don’t make it all the way through.

Uncle Owen! You really should’ve just gone easy on Luke. He had a rough time ahead; he coulda used the day off.

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