Two years ago, Kim Rocco Shields' short film "Love Is All You Need?" made a splash with its unusual premise. In an alternate world, almost everybody is gay or lesbian — and the tiny minority of straight people are discriminated against. And now, it's becoming a full-length movie.

The 20-minute version of "All You Need" garnered 45 million YouTube views and won an award, with its portrayal of a world where straight people are shunned and denounced as perverts — you can watch it above. In the movie's alternate universe, girls play football while boys do art and music, and one girl attempts suicide after she's bullied for being a heterosexual.


The full-length movie version will star Briana Evigan (Step Up 5) and Emily Osment (Hannah Montana), and will follow different characters in the same world. According to Deadline, Evigan will play "a female star college quarterback named Jude who strikes up a forbidden romance with a male journalist. Osment will play Kelly, Jude's girlfriend.The Walking Dead's Kyla Kennedy also stars as an 11-year-old girl who is bullied for having a crush on a boy at school."