In This Exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog Clip, the Cast Discusses the Joys of Gaming

Sonic playing with his nunchucks.
Sonic playing with his nunchucks.
Image: Paramount

One of the big things Sonic the Hedgehog had going for it that video game movies often do not was a cast that clearly grew up loving the characters and franchise they were now a part of. That, in theory, made it easier to act through a movie with a somewhat less than thrilling plot (though fun all the same.)

Both Ben Schwartz’s Sonic and Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik are delights to watch because of how expertly they bring the characters’ energy from the games into a live-action medium, and at least some of that comes from the fact that both actors spent a considerable time actually playing the games.

In this clip from the movie’s digital release—debuting exclusively on io9 today—Schwartz, Carrey, and James Marsden all discuss their personal relationships with how the movie translated the games’ frenetic energy into a modern action-adventure.

Sonic the Hedgehog is available for digital download today, with a physical release on May 19.


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Sonic the Hedgehog came along at just the right time. We were in a transitional period in gaming at the time and going from NES to Genesis. The smartest thing Sega did was remove, Altered Beast as the pack in game for the Genesis and make it, Sonic the Hedgehog instead. Sonic immediately hit you in the face with colorful graphics, speed and amazing music. Everything in the world had weight to it and parallax scrolling galore. No flickering graphics or slow downs either. It made NES games look quaint.