Catra Gets Her Han Solo Cantina Moment in This Exclusive She-Ra Season 3 Clip

Catra threatening an unsuspecting criminal.
Catra threatening an unsuspecting criminal.
Image: Netflix

Catra’s willingness to fight dirty and deceive those closest to her are big parts of what makes her such a formidable force in Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. And even though she’s fallen on some hard times recently, that doesn’t mean she’s lost any of her signature edge. In this new exclusive clip from the series’ upcoming third season, Catra (and Scorpia) find themselves down, but not quite out after a scathing dismissal from the Fright Zone that’s meant put them on a path to death.


But Catra’s always been a survivor and Scorpia’s a scorpion princess, meaning that their being exiled to a desert isn’t exactly going to be enough to do either of them in. It isn’t surprising that Scorpia and Catra find themselves cornered in a dangerous bar, or that the would-be attack on their lives ends up becoming something of an opportunity.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this latest turn of events is going to end up changing the people they become when they inevitably end up with their former allies (and enemies) currently fighting for Etheria’s future.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season three hits Netflix August 2.

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Angrier Geek

This show...

I watched the first two episodes with my younger sister out of curiosity and decided it wasn’t for me. Too kiddie. Then I came back for a few more. Again, what am I doing? Too kiddie. Again and again until I reach the last episode of the second season and am screaming at the TV “Why aren’t there more!?!”

And when you want to whup a cartoon character’s ass, you know it’s effective. When Catra was taunting Glimmer, I felt Glimmer’s rage and wanted to give Catra a beatdown.

And Scorpia’s crush Catra is the cutest thing ever.

Okay, I’m done.