In this Exclusive Heroes in Crisis Preview, Life Stops the Flash Dead in His Tracks

Wally West introducing himself.
Image: Mitch Gerads, Clay Mann (DC Comics)

Heroes in Crisis from writer Tom King and an assortment of artists like Mitch Gerads, Clay Mann, and Travis Moore has pushed a number of DC’s heroes to their psychological breaking points over the run of the series. Readers have seen Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman struggle to understand how their plan to heal the world’s vigilantes fell apart.

With each issue, Heroes in Crisis has shed light on the inner workings of its cast of characters and given each of them a chance to grapple with the psychological demons haunting them. While the fall of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman’s Sanctuary recovery center is the major event at the center of Heroes in Crisis, the heroes spotlighted in the series are all dealing with their own personal crises in ways that pull their focus from the larger goings-on in the world.


In this week’s issue, the penultimate of the limited-run series, Heroes in Crisis is drawing to a close. And despite the fact that the identity of the book’s central killer has been revealed, there are still a number of larger questions that need answering. In this exclusive preview of the issue (out April 24), we catch up with a very unmoored Wally West trying to wrap his mind around the intense isolation that’s consuming him—even though the best minds in the world are doing everything in their power to make sure that he doesn’t feel alone.


Heroes in Crisis #8 hits stories April 24.

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