All illustrations courtesy of Jason Latour.

Ryan North is a funny, smart guy. But if comics writer and artist Jason Latour is to be believed, he has some bad opinions about Looney Tunes.

In a comic called “Porky Pig vs. Ryan North,” first posted on Twitter, Latour, who does art on Southern Bastards and writes for Spider-Gwen (and who co-created both), shares a “true enough” story about Ryan North’s troubled opinions on Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd, who may/may not be a kind family man.


The comic also features a cameo from Chip Zdarsky, artist and co-creator of Sex Criminals.

Latour has been kind enough to give io9 permission to share the comic here. You can find Latour’s work on his Instagram, as well as on his personal site. The comic is below.




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