In This Cleopatra in Space Season 3 Clip, the Kids Make a Daring, Fiery Escape

Omg, it’s time for season three!
Omg, it’s time for season three!
Image: Peacock

Based on the graphic novels by Mike Maihack, Peacock’s animated Cleopatra in Space series follows a teenaged Cleo as she time-travels to a futuristic, Egyptian-themed plane, where she trains to fulfill her duty as the world’s long-awaited savior—while also dealing with high school stuff. Season three arrives this week, and io9 a sneak peek!


This action-packed clip, entitled “Escaping the Lava Monster,” is less about the high school stuff most teens have to deal with, time-traveling chosen one or otherwise. Instead, it gives a taste of what’s in store for our young hero (and her robotic and feline friends) on the more adventurous side of her life...when she and her friends find themselves on the run from killer robots and giant lava monsters!

That’s not the only problem Cleo will have to deal with this season, as she discovers that her entire school now knows about her destiny to save the world. Between high school drama and romantic entanglements (her best friends dating), will she and her team even find the time to start taking on the armies of Xaius Octavian?

Find out when Cleopatra in Space season three hits Peacock on January 14.

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Is this show any good? I like Mike Maihack’s artwork and I’d be happy to support him. Also, I’m surprised that it’s already up to season 3. I thought it wasn’t that long ago that the show itself was announced.