In This Brand New Librarians Clip, Atlantis Once Again Rears Its Ugly Head

If there is one thing I have learned from fiction, it’s that finding the lost city of Atlantis is never a good thing. And it looks like the librarians are going to discover that for themselves when season 2 of The Librarians returns to TNT.


This exclusive clip reminds us how much we missed this delightful show. It’s got Stone (Christian Kane) being exasperated, Cassandra’s (Lindy Booth) scientific mind running away with her, and Ezekiel (John Kim) warned against thieving. Plus, it has my favorite part of any episode: Jenkins (John Larroquette) dropping some knowledge on our newbies.

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Not even annoyed about this (IMO) huge spoiler, love Atlantis, the BBC show was a major loss for me...Atlantis was underwater but yet not underwater. Weird