In the world of Mari Costa’s webcomic Peritale, the most exciting job a fairy can have is that of godmother, making sure that fairytales come true. Few want that job more than young Periwinkle, but there’s one hitch: She has no magical powers.

Periwinkle Poulaine isn’t like the other fairies in her class. She can’t do magic. She can’t fly. But she’s also chock full of determination, and she’s sure she can figure out how to pass the godmother test, even if her classmates mock her and the godmother bureaucracy is actively working against her.


But while Periwinkle herself is adorable and driven by a can-d0 attitude, something darker is going on in her world. Her sister Hydrangea left for the human world under mysterious circumstances. And there may be a way for Periwinkle to achieve magic—through an act of self-mutilation. The question is, will she be thwarted by the people who believe she can’t be a fairy godmother, or find a way to achieve her dreams without magic?


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