Illustration for article titled In the webcomic emMonster Pulse/em, a government conspiracy turns human body parts into kooky kaiju

Bina's a little girl with a big heart – literally. After a mysterious encounter, Bina's heart has popped out of her chest and transformed into a walking, punching monster. Now Bina and her heart are on the run from government agents.

Magnolia Porter (also of Bobwhite and Dracula Mystery Club), brings us this webcomic about superpowered body parts. Bina is a dinosaur-obsessed girl who's concerned that her teacher (who also happens to be her mother) hates her. But her problems take a turn for the bizarre when she encounters a glowing substance that causes her heart to burst from her chest and transform into a monstrous creature. Soon, both Bina and her heart (whom she names Ayo) are trapped in a government lab.


As it turns out, Bina's not the only one who's had a creature spawn from her body. She meets Julie, a hyperactive tomboy whose hair can fly, and a homeless boy who can see through his serpentine, disembodied eye. And then there's the shadowy agency that captures and studies these specimens – and sometimes creates them from their own employees.

Monster Pulse is an intriguing, all-ages mystery. Porter does a lovely job of balancing dynamic action sequences (especially fun are those involving the hair-monster Kera) with likeable character moments. In the meantime, we're left to wonder: just who is Rjinder, the creepy head of our mysterious government agency? And why does he keep his own monster body part in the dark?

[Monster Pulse]

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