In The Voices Trailer, Ryan Reynolds Is Urged Into Murder By His Cat

Well, this looks weird as all get out. And all the more fabulous for it. Here's the trailer for The Voices, starring Ryan Reynolds as Jerry, whose shoulder angel and devil are represented by his dog and cat, respectively.


I am thoroughly in love with everyone in this. Evil Mr. Whiskers and angelic Bosco (both voiced by Reynolds). The decapitated head of Fiona (Gemma Arterton). Jerry's poor therapist, Dr. Warren (Jacki Weaver). And clueless-to-Jerry's-murderous side Lisa (Anna Kendrick).

Directed by Marjane Satrapi, The Voices will be in theaters and on demand on February 6th.


[Debuted on Entertainment Weekly via Shock Till You Drop]

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I am the Lawr

This does look good, but I have a couple of issues with the premise.

I liked the initial idea at the start of the trailer of the guy who hears voicestrying to make normal connections. I thought this could be an interesting romantic comedy with light humour about a person struggling with a mental illness who doesn't turn out to be... Okay, no he is a serial killer.

So what we have here is a film that finds its humour by stigmatizing mental illness, and treats it's main female characters as a prize, a victim and a joke.

Still, I'm gonna watch it cause; Ryan Reynalds