In the Vampire Mad Scientist Lab

Blade II has got to be one of the best movies ever, not the least because director Guillermo "Hellboy" Del Toro goes where no genre bender ever has before. He manges to combine the biotech science fiction flick with the gothic vampire flick. I don't think you realize quite how awesome that really is. There is actually a vampire mad scientist who lectures hero Blade about recombinant DNA. Plus, check out the concept design in this clip, which perfectly blends gothic imagery with high-tech creepy lab stuff straight out of some X-Files episode.

Here's the quickie backstory, in case you need it: Blade is a half-vamp, half-human who can walk in daylight. He hunts baddies, mostly vampires, with the help of his crusty old white dude pal. In Blade II, the former baddie vamps enlist his aid to fight a race of supervamps called Reapers who have mega-mouths. (It's a Del Toro movie — of course the monsters are utterly cool.) In this scene, we learn that the Reapers are actually a genetic engineering project. Reminds me of Octavia Butler's awesome book Fledgling, which is also about vampires who dabble in genetic engineering.


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They're all great for different reasons.

Blade 1 was a total mind screw that they could do a Marvel comic movie that dark and violent. But it had Stephen Dorff.

Blade 2 is pretty much perfect.

Blade 3, while ridiculous (and the worst of the 3) has very funny moments, some great fights, and the phrase "Cock-juggling Thunder cunt" which combined with the pomeranian made it very enjoyable.

The trick is to find the non-sequiter phrase in each one. Ice-skating uphill, and do you blush come to mind.