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In the Trailer, Fox's Second Chance Resurrects a Cop and Makes Him Better, Stronger, Faster

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They have the technology.

Second Chance used to be Lookinglass which used to be Frankenstein Code. Looks like we’ve dropped the literary pretenses entirely, save for the fact that Jimmy Pritchard is wearing a Lookinglass-branded outfit and “Mary” is undoubtedly named after Mary Shelley.


But what we’ve been left with feels pretty much exactly like it fits in with the RoboCop and The Six Million Dollar Man lineage. I bet Pritchard, having the experience of an old man but with an enhanced body, solves a bunch of crimes. And becomes friends with his son without telling him who he really is. He’s got a sweet car, too. This looks like, angst aside, some pretty old-fashioned fun.

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After 1 1/2 seasons of tinkering to get viewers interested then Fox will cancel it.