In the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, the demons have gone viral

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The supernatural cash cow Paranormal Activity has churned out another addition to the franchise. After the series covered the original couple, the couple's sister, and went back in time to show what happened when the sisters were babies, we thought they ran plum out of story.

Well, we were wrong! The fourth installment follows the demon-possessed original sister (who killed her old beau) and stolen demon-child Hunter. So what happens when demon babies move in next door? The lights flicker! Riveting stuff here, guys!


Thankfully, this movie is directed by the same pair of fellas who were behind Paranormal Activity 3 — which was actually scary — so we're remaining cautious about the project. We can't believe there's any more new ground to cover, but we loved the scares Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman delivered in the last flick. Paranormal Activity 4 will hit theateres on October 19.

[Via Apple Trailers]

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