In the Trailer for Hover, the New Dystopia Is a Sky Full of Killer Drones

Detail from the awesomely retro Hover poster.
Image: SYFY Films

Remember when Tippi Hedren made everyone think a flock of birds was the scariest way to meet death from above? Ain’t nothing compared to a menacing posse of killer drones, as seen in the upcoming movie Hover. Duck for cover with the scifi thriller’s poster and the trailer, debuting right here on io9.


Directed by Matt Osterman and written by Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man on Earth), who also stars, Hover is a near-future thriller set in an environmentally devastated world—a place where only drones are capable of harvesting food from the land. But as the poor folks on the ground learn all too well, even an innocuous-seeming group of agricultural drones can go on a kill-crazy rampage, especially when a shadowy tech corporation is pulling its strings.

Hover will be out in theaters from Syfy Films on June 29, and on VOD and Digital HD on July 3.

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