In the Season Finale of Haphead, an Unexpected Twist

io9 is proud to be presenting the final episode of season 1 of Haphead, the series about gamers in a dystopian future Toronto. Maxine finally discovers how her father died — and it's a very interesting twist that I didn't see coming. Plus we get a peek into the future world of biohacking, which is damn cool.

Did you miss this series, created by indie writer/filmmaker Jim Munroe? Well, now you can watch the whole thing on the Haphead website.

Haphead's creators are hoping to make a second season. If you've enjoyed season 1, check out the variety of ways (through love and / or money) you can support them.


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You know what this series needs? A "haphead" who is a quadriplegic in real life but in the games is better than any of them.