In The Predator's Debut Teaser Trailer, the Hunt Sets a Crash Course for Suburbia

I’m guessing the Predator inside is screaming “Stahhhhhhhhhp!”
Image: 20th Century Fox (YouTube)
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It’s a real jungle out there, even in the suburbs. The debut trailer for The Predator is here, and things aren’t looking too good in this neighborhood.

This soft reboot/sequel, which is directed by Shane Black (who played Rick Hawkins in the original Predator), takes the hunt from the jungle to the city outskirts. Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay), a young boy with autism, accidentally triggers the arrival of the Predator. But this isn’t your daddy’s Predator—these bad boys have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species, making themselves stronger and deadlier than ever before. Luckily, we’ve got a ragtag team of ex-soldiers and Olivia Munn as a gun-wielding science teacher to save the day.

We weren’t too thrilled about the sneak peek that debuted at CinemaCon last month, and this trailer looks to be very similar to what was showcased. But we’re holding out hope that what we’re seeing now isn’t what we’re going to get in the end. The Predator arrives in theaters September 14.

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Ok, so the whole point of the original Predator was that it was an alien who was hunting a bunch of badasses for sport, because that’s how they got thier dreads off. Where is the sport in upgrading yourself with other aliens abilities, and then traveling to a place to hunt where the most dangerous thing is an unwarrented concern over gluten?