If this is what our snowed over future holds, then you can count me in. New concept art for big budget movie Wynter Dark is out, and it's more than I could have dreamed. From what I can tell, there is some sort of bear war against the humans, and to think I was happy with a snowy New York having a futuristic cold war with London and Neo Tokyo. But now that you're throwing in nature's furry bad boy โ€” sold! More bear battle concept art awaits your hungry eyes (and the body count is in polar-favor).We've already reported on amazing Wynter Dark concept art of a cold New York, with some sort of man-made force field surrounding the city. But these bear-fight pics take the post-apocalyptic cake. The movie takes place 800 years in the future, when New York has been dominated by the Kingdom of London. The back-and-forth struggle of power stretches across a planet that is experiencing a worldwide ice age.


I'm fanning out in a major way about this movie. Wynter Dark sounds fantastic, and I cannot wait for the epic bear battle followed closely by the human war between major world cities. The film is currently in production. [Quiet Earth via Unstable Marzipan]