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In the People of Earth Season Finale, an Alien Looks for Help With His Grief in the Worst Possible Place

Image: People of Earth, TBS
Image: People of Earth, TBS

One of the increasingly enjoyable parts of TBS’ People of Earth, a show about an alien abductee support group that isn’t actually wrong about what happened to them, is the development of the aliens as characters. Think...regular office workers who happen to have a particularly weird day job.


In this clip from the finale, which is actually two episodes aired back-to-back, Jeff (Ken Hall) is still on his crusade to deal with the death of Kurt—who, you will remember, was accidentally run over by Gina (Ana Gasteyer) with her car. That causes some tension when the Jeff-controlled android attends the group Gina leads:

People of Earth just got renewed for a second season, which is great news because there are a lot of characters in this show that deserve as much screen time as they can get.


The final two episodes of People of Earth’s first season will air Monday, December 19th on TBS.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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My wife and I really have enjoyed this show. I wasn’t sure if we would really like it, but we have really looked forward to it every week. We love the banter between Jeff and crew, and the support group’s weirdness and impact on their normal lives is fun.