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In the New Trailer for Lovecraft Country, the American Dream Is a Question of Terrifying Reality

Letitia faces nightmares unreal and all too real.
Letitia faces nightmares unreal and all too real.
Image: HBO
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The question of what’s real and what isn’t, however, doesn’t apply to the horrors Atticus Black and his family will have to confront in Lovecraft Country. Instead, they face horrors both very much of this world and not of it, to say the least.


HBO has released another teaser for its upcoming adaptation of Matt Ruff’s chilling 2016 novel Lovecraft Country. Our first look at the show—which follows Atticus (Johnathan Majors), his uncle George (Courtney B. Vance), and his friend Letitia Dandrige (Birds of Prey’s Jurnee Smollett-Bell) as they embark on a journey to find Atticus’ missing father—capitalized on the imagery of ‘50s America at the height of the Jim Crow laws to evoke an all too real tension. The second still evokes that intensity, but laces it with the mind-bending supernatural horror of Lovecraftian cosmology to give our trio of heroes another nightmare to deal with.

But even with the extra supernatural spooks and haunting creatures this teaser traffics in, it also makes it clear that it’s not just the inhuman terrors that Atticus, George, and Letitia will have to confront as they trek across New England, but some distressingly timely human ones, too.


Lovecraft Country premieres on HBO this August.

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I love that they’re not shying away from all of the implications of the name “Lovecraft”. H.P. Lovecraft was an exquisite writer, but the guy was also an unspeakably vile racist whose sentiment toward black people was casually terrible even for his time.

I less like that J. J. Abrams is involved, because he’s just awful.