In the New Movie Creative Control, Virtual Reality Is Dangerously Irresistible

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The widespread use of virtual reality is inevitable, and it’s getting closer and closer. A new movie called Creative Control now takes the tech to the next level, and the results aren’t good.

Written, directed by and starring Benjamin Dickinson, Creative Control premiered at South by Southwest 2015 to solid reviews and finally hits theaters March 11. It centers on an executive whose company has created the next level of virtual reality, in a form that not-so-subtly reminds us of Google Glass. But as things turn to sex—as they tend to do—the virtual takes precedence over the reality.

And yes, that’s Reggie Watts, as himself, in the movie. Which is worth the price of admission alone.


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This looks like a fuck-shit stack on top of itself. (Not a bad thing, mind.)