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In the New Inside Out Short, Riley's Parents Are Too Embarrassing For Disgust to Handle

Illustration for article titled In the New iInside Out /iShort, Rileys Parents Are Too Embarrassing For Disgust to Handle

Is it even possible to get tired of seeing the emotions of Inside Out? We think not. To sate our desire for more, we finally have a preview of the short that’ll be included with the Inside Out digital HD (October 13) and the Blu-ray (November 3). It’s called “Riley’s First Date.”


From what we see here, that goes about as well as can be expected:


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What I find disturbing about the parents’ emotional avatars is that the dominant emotion in the husband is Anger while the dominant emotion in the wife is Sadness. That’s an unsettling combination.

Also, how come Riley’s the only character whose emotion avatars aren’t all one sex? All the husband’s emotions are male, all the wife’s emotions are female, etc., but Riley has three females and two males. Shouldn’t everyone have a mix of “masculine” and “feminine” sides? Do the emotions change their gender identity over time to fit their owners’ self-image? Or is Riley just bisexual or intergendered?