In the New Halloween Trailer, Michael Myers Might Meet His Maker

Michael Myers preparing to do what he does best.
Michael Myers preparing to do what he does best.
Image: Universal
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You might have recently heard that Michael Myers, the madman who stalked Laurie Strode and solidified his status as a horror icon in John Carpenter’s original Halloween, is on his way back to finish what he started. While this is true, the latest Halloween trailer suggests that when Michael and Laurie reunite, she’s going to be packing and ready to send him straight to hell.


The entire appeal of the Halloween reboot and the film’s decision to ignore all of the subsequent Halloween sequels after the original is that this franchise has always been about Laurie’s drive and desire to survive. Halloween doesn’t need a gimmick because in this grounded reality all that matters is the fact that Laurie survived, Michael’s coming for her, and they’re going to duke it out for good in the film.

Of course, this is a Halloween movie, so there’s plenty of Michael stomping around, dropping fistfuls of teeth on the floor, terrifying unsuspecting people who’re simply trying to enjoy their Halloweens. So gather your wits and steady your aim because Halloween is coming to theaters October 19.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.


If there is a horror movie franchise that never needed to go the supernatural route, it is the Halloween franchise. I find well-deserved merit when a movie manages to elicit terror and horror within the relative confines of what a regular human can do.

In that sense, I deeply enjoyed the first Rob Zombie take on the franchise (and felt they ruined their accomplishment with the second one).

As for this movie, I totally hope Michael and Laurie totally wipe the floor with each other’s asses.