In the New Episode of Haphead, We Finally See the Gamer Underground

io9 is proud to be bringing you new episodes of indie series Haphead every week. Created by Jim Munroe, Haphead is the story of a VR gamer in a near-future dystopian Toronto. In the sixth episode, Maxine discovers where all the underground hapheads hang out — and what they do together.

What I love about this episode is that it has basically no dialogue at all. It captures that feeling of numbness and distance you have when somebody you love is suddenly gone. And then, when Maxine discovers a new community, we start to hear a few words again.

Watch previous episodes of Haphead on io9. Or stream the whole series for $5 — details on the Haphead website.


You can also watch the bonus "Lizzie Blitz" Haphead video this week. Lizzie is a fictional vlogger who will take you behind the scenes of the new world Maxine's discovered.

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