In the New Episode of Haphead, Things Get Really Dark

io9 is proud to be bringing you weekly installments of the indie scifi series Haphead, created by Jim Munroe, about a VR gamer living in a dystopian future Toronto. In the fourth installment of the series, Maxine tries to help her depressed dad, a former punk gone corporate. And that's when things get creepy.


If you're just tuning into this amazing series now, I recommend that you start from the beginning! You can watch episodes 1 and 2 here, and episode 3 here. Enjoy!

Also, this Sunday, Feb 15 at 4pm EST, Haphead will be hosting a Watch Along. Join the cast and creators in a live twitter dialogue as you watch the feature version of Haphead (all eight episodes in a movie format). You can get 50% off the purchase price (reg. $9.99, now $4.99) from now until Sunday. Visit and use the code "WATCHALONG". Full details on how to participate in a watch along here.


Great show! I wish there were more eps up for viewing or that they were longer, but a really good look to the thing, esp. given the low budget (at least by mainstream television standards). Toronto must be the place to do sci-fi, given this and Continuum and Orphan Black... Can't wait to see where it goes.