In the New Early Man Trailer, the Stone Age Strikes Back in the Goofiest Way

Image: Aardman
Image: Aardman
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It’s only apt that not only does Aardman animation’s latest stop-motion movie look absolutely gorgeous, it seems like it’s going to be a downright hoot, too.


Set during the transition period between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, Early Man follows the adventures of Dug the Caveman (Fantastic Beasts’ Eddie Redmayne) as his tribe of hapless cavemen is swept up in the militaristic, technological advancements of Bronze-wielding invaders. Except of course this isn’t a brutal battle, it’s played for laughs—and more of a commentary on the role technology plays in our lives, even if we’re in a very different era to the one Dug and his half-witted friends find themselves in.


It’s charmingly silly—the sliced bread joke is one of those groaners you can’t help but laugh at anyway—as you’d expect from an Aardman movie, right down to the fact that Dug’s plight against his Bronze Age oppressors apparently culminates in a game of soccer to decide the tribe’s fate. Which is honestly one of the most British examples of conflict resolution you can probably get.

Early Man is set to hit theaters in February 2018.

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Aardman does sliced bread quiet well if you ask me.