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The first trailer for Downsizing focused more on explaining the big ideas about its kooky scifi concepts—a world where dwindling resources has driven the creation of technology that shrinks humans down to sizes small enough reduce their impact on the environment. The new trailer is a little bit more about what comes after that process.

Although the first trailer for Alexander Payne’s latest movie had some implication of it, this new footage makes it very clear that Damon’s character, office worker Paul Safranek, goes through the irreversible procedure to get turned into a fraction of his normal size without his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig). So post-shrinking it becomes more about Paul socializing with new people and making a new life for himself, rather than some of the big-picture ideas of how shrinking the human population will help save the planet.

While reviews from film festivals have been mixed, the new trailer at least seems to be a bit more honest with itself than the footage we’d seen so far. There are some clever ideas about the future of our planet on show in Downsizing, but if reviews are an indicator some of that might ultimately end up coming out a bit more muddled than we’d hope from the intriguing trailers so far.


You can find out yourself when Downsizing hits theaters December 22.

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