In the New Cloak & Dagger Trailer, the Heroes Realize One of Them Is Destined to Die

Cloak and Dagger using their abilities.
Image: Freeform

Cloak and Dagger’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of Freeform is curious for a number of reasons—including the seemingly mystical destiny the show’s heroes are promised to have in the its latest trailer.

While the Roxxon Corporation will play a major role in Cloak & Dagger’s larger plot, it also introduces a number of more fantastical concepts befitting the city of New Orleans, where the series takes place. When Tyrone and Tandy touch, their powers to harness darkness and light react violently to one another, causing chaos and destruction around them. But the new trailer explains that emergence of their abilities is tied directly to the emergence of an oncoming crisis that’s bigger and more dangerous than either of them.

As the chosen divine pair, it’s up to them to stop the crisis that might destroy the city, but in doing so, one of them is fated to die.

With Roxxon skulking in their shadows, it’s only a matter of time before the teen heroes would probably end up bagged, tagged, and hauled away for illegal experimentation, so the choice presented to them isn’t really all that difficult to make. When Cloak & Dagger premieres on June 7, Tyrone and Tandy are going to war with themselves, each another, and the forces threatening their homes. What’s unclear, though, is just which one of them will survive.

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Isn’t every single person on the planet destined to die? Isn’t it pointless to make it a plot point “Oooh, one of us is destined to die” when both of them are in the grand design of things? Aren’t writers going to milk this for one or two fake deaths with a comeback because, very obviously, if the series succeed, they’ll need the two protagonists? Don’t I have anything better to do than to post questions I think are pointless? All questions worth pondering my friends.