In The Midnight Sky Trailer, George Clooney Tries to Warn Astronauts of a Climate Disaster

Are they the only ones left?
Are they the only ones left?
Image: Netflix
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A group of astronauts have ventured out into space and are now on their way home, but what if there’s no home to go back to? In the latest trailer for Netflix’s The Midnight Sky, star and director George Clooney is desperate to keep a crew of returning explorers, led by Felicity Jones, as far away from Earth as possible.


Netflix has unveiled a new look at The Midnight Sky, which tells the story of a scientist named Augustine (Clooney) who’s stationed in the Arctic with a young girl named Iris (Caoilinn Springall). He might be a group of returning astronauts’ last hope, as a mysterious global calamity has seemingly turned Earth into an inhospitable environment that they should avoid at all costs.

Sully (Jones) and her crew are coming back from a distant voyage to find planets that could serve as a new home, presumably following the damage from climate change. But it seems like the damage may have already escalated. As the astronauts try to figure out why no one on Earth is responding to their hails, Augustine and Iris make the dangerous venture to a satellite that might be powerful enough to reach them before it’s too late.

The Midnight Sky debuts on Netflix December 23.

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Looks entertaining, but also curious to see how physicists will pick it apart.