In The Martian Trailer, Matt Damon "Sciences the Shit" Out of Everything

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The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s movie adaptation of The Martian was just released, and things look both very dire and pretty funny. Not that we were worried about him, but Matt Damon appears more than able to carry all those scenes by himself. “In your face, Neil Armstrong,” indeed.


We got a little teaser of the rest of the mission crew over the weekend, but the trailer also gives us a look at the people back on Earth. Jeff Daniels’ Teddy Sanders looks like he’s going to be a bit of a problem. There’s also a lot of problem solving by Damon’s Mark Watney, including a fair amount of duct tape.

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Scott The Robot

A couple of questions (I have not the book yet):

1.) Why does the crew need to “mutiny” to form a rescue mission?

I get that NASA’s official word is that Matt Damon’s Mark Watney didn’t survive, but wouldn’t they just reverse that opinion if they found evidence to the contrary? There’s no need to make Jeff Daniels ‘the bad guy’ in a movie about surviving on Mars. The harsh elements of Mars are ‘the bad guy.’

2.) Will Sean Bean’s character die?