In The Magicians Season 5 Trailer, It's the End of the World as They Know It

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber.
Image: Syfy (YouTube)
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Magic might have returned to the world of Fillory and further, but that doesn’t mean Brakebills’ troubles are over.


Syfy has released the first trailer for The Magicians season five, which marks the first season since the death of Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph). While our heroes struggle to recover from the loss, they’re faced with a new threat. Magic always comes at a price and that price may include...a kraken?

The threat isn’t the loss of magic, which has been a problem on the series a couple of times before, but rather an overabundance of it. Magic has been fully unleashed, and with that comes a bunch of consequences (see the aforementioned kraken).

It looks like Margo, Eliot, Alice, Julia, Penny, Kady, Fen, Josh, Dean Fogg, and the others are going to have to “pull a Quentin” and embark on a quest of their own: Not to save the world of magic, but to save the world from magic.

The Magicians returns with season five on January 15.

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Continuing your show without the main character. Bold move, let’s see how it plays out.