Behold the book trailer for Crucible of Gold, the latest novel in Naomi Novik's addictive Temeraire series about how dragon-enhanced aerial forces would have changed the course of the Napoleonic Wars. Dragon warfare has prevented Europe from colonizing other nations the same way they did in our timeline. In this seventh novel in the series, Novik's alternate history of the world is starting to look radically unfamiliar.


Exiled from the British Aerial Corps in Australia, Captain Laurence and his extraordinary dragon Temeraire have witnessed the rise of an African nation that's invaded Portugal. Now, in Crucible of Gold, they're being called in to help negotiate a peace in Brazil — but they and their two dragon companions get waylaid and are forced to land in Inca territory in Peru. I can't wait to meet some American dragons.

You can read an excerpt from the novel, in bookstores this week, on Naomi Novik's website.


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