In the Latest Excellent Galaxy of Adventures Short, Luke Gets Some Good Training In

Luke, ready for a good ol’ round of lightsaber training.
Luke, ready for a good ol’ round of lightsaber training.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

It’s a bit stunning how good the Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures shorts are. The basic idea, of taking audio from the movies and setting them to animation, honestly doesn’t sound that impressive, but each one is just full of style and energy.

The latest, “Lightsaber Training”, is no different. It makes the moment from A New Hope just a little goofier, just a little more vibrant in a way it wasn’t before. These shorts are an argument for an animated remake of the movies, and this one in particular is an argument for a lengthy Luke Skywalker training montage (only some of which would be him getting shot with lasers).

These things always bring a smile to my face. Check it out below.

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I went to the movies (several times) in 1977 to see Star Wars in the theaters but I have to say I would love to see whole movies made like these animated shorts. I would definitely pay to see and/or own them.