In the Latest Bright Trailer, a Magical Gang War Breaks Out

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix
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The third and presumably final trailer for David Ayer’s urban fantasy film Bright leans a little more in on the buddy cop nature of the film, which just so happens to also co-star a giant orcish police officer. But it also gives us some more insight into the mysterious Elves of Bright’s world, and their deadly new weapon.


The trailer definitely plays up the comedy of thrusting together hardened LAPD officer Ward (Will Smith) and his fresh-out-the-academy new partner, Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), who just so happens to also be first Orcish police officer in Los Angeles. It’s a lot of culture clash and rookie jokes, but there’s something admirably fun about the earnest newbie vibe Jakoby gives off.

But what this new trailer really concerns itself with is giving us a little more about the Elves of Bright, including Noomi Rapace’s cryptic elven “priestess” that we’ve only really seen glimpses of before. Most of the Elves seem to be gangsters set on tearing the city apart through the use of the magic wand Rapace’s character finds, portrayed here as less of a simple tool for a spellcaster and more like a big, glowing nuclear weapon. A bright one, if you will.


Bright hits Netflix December 22.

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