In the Japanese version of Orphan Black you can edit your other selves

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Check out the trailer for It's Me, It's Me, a brand new Japanese film about a guy who tries to impersonate his doppelganger — only to find that there are a bunch of copies of himself, and they're multiplying.


It sounds like It's Me, It's Me is kind of different from than the hit BBC America cloning show Orphan Black, despite the surface similarities. It's more of a meditation on how social media lets us create lots of different mediated "selves" — Hitoshi learns that he can edit and even delete some of his other personae, according to the New York Times:

The three [versions of Hitoshi] form a Gang of Me.

"I've never felt so carefree with others!" says one Hitoshi to the others, as they feast on noodles with kimchi, Parmesan and mayonnaise in a messy room. Eventually, though, multiple generations of these copies appear, and he realizes that he can "accept parts of me, but not all of me." Easy multiplication leads to manic deletion.