In the Horror Sequel Happy Death Day 2U, It's Groundhog Day All Over Again (Again)

She’s not THE God, but she might be A god.
She’s not THE God, but she might be A god.
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Oh no, not again! College student Tree (Jessica Rothe) thought she’d broken the time-loop at the end of last year’s horror comedy Happy Death Day, but the movie was a hit, so the slashin’ and repeatin’ (and baby-mask wearin’) begins anew—with higher, sequel-appropriate stakes this time.


Check out the trailer:

Well, there are certainly less dramatic ways to go out than back-flipping out of an airplane wearing only your underwear...but not many. Happy Death Day 2U will be out on Valentine’s Day.


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Was the first one as entertaining as this one looks? Reminds me a lot of Edge of Tomorrow, which is a good thing.