In the Greenland Trailer, Master of Disaster Gerard Butler Faces Down a Planet-Killing Comet

Well, at least we’re not on “comet watch.”
Well, at least we’re not on “comet watch.”
Image: YouTube
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Gerard Butler’s career has been taking us on a delightfully baffling journey for years, and his next big CG-stravaganza, Greenland, just dropped a new trailer that does not disappoint. His foe this go-round is a crumbling comet that’s making fiery Swiss cheese out of the Earth. And we do mean cheese.

The subtitles add an extra something, don’t they? As you no doubt noticed, that’s Deadpool’s Morena Baccarin, hopefully picking up a decent paycheck to play Butler’s wife, and a quick peek at Scott Glenn as his father—though it looks like “Clarke, the interstellar comet” is going to be the real scene-stealer here. Ric Roman Waugh, who made the 2019 Butler action vehicle Angel Has Fallen, directs.


Greenland was initially due June 12, but like all movie release dates lately that may well change.


[h/t Vital Thrills]

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Arcanum Five

Remember when the Moron-in-Chief (Impeached) wanted to buy Greenland and that was the worst thing in the news cycle?

Good times.

Also, if they had to set this film in the American South, they should have picked Mississippi. Then we could hear him yell “THIS. IS. SPARTA!” again.